Grace Place

Setbacks.  Have you ever had a setback in recovery from an eating disorder?

Let’s be honest, we all face setbacks from time to time! 

Maybe you were living in freedom from an eating disorder for some time… then something happened.  A holiday party happened.  You lost your job.  A relationship fell apart.  Financial stress.  Fear of an unknown future.

You turned to ED to cope with these feelings and a setback happened. 

How do you feel about yourself in light of a setback?  Maybe you looked at yourself and said, “you are a lazy, disgusting, failure” 

How do you think God feels about you in light of a setback?  We feed ourselves LIES that say, “God is out of grace for me.  I have screwed up so much that he could never forgive me this time.  I can’t go running back to God again.” 

Let me reiterate, we feed ourselves these “LIES.”  God does not think, feel, or act this way towards us.

The TRUTH is that God loves you right where you are at.  God doesn’t say that he has run out of grace for you.  He has enough grace for you!

During a live webcast last evening, Lysa Terkeurst shared a devotional called, “The Grace Place.”  In this devotional, she went back to the story of Adam and Eve.  She pointed out that many of us have perceived that God removed Adam and Eve from the garden because He was angry.  Lysa revealed the truth that God was not angry with them, but filled with grace for them. 

Adam and Eve gave in to temptation when they ate the apple.  The temptation of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil remained in the garden after they ate the apple.  The tree did not disappear.  Had Adam and Eve stayed in the garden, the temptation would have remained. 

God removed them from the garden because he did not want them to stay in a “perpetual state of sin.”  God loved them so much that He desired to remove the temptation and give them a new start.  For Adam and Eve to grow closer to God, it meant “distancing them from the temptation.”

Adam and Eve were given grace to live in a new place.  God offers you the same grace to live in a new place of freedom from the temptation and defeat of a setback.

Satan intends for setbacks to defeat you, but God intends for a setback to empower you.  In Christ, a setback is simply a “set-up for a comeback.”  If you are facing a setback, come back to God.  And as you come back to God, allow him to move you to a new place.  A place filled with grace.

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  1. Marie says:

    Well said! Thanks for linking my blog, "Redeemed from the Pit"! So many Christian women struggle against this shame and self-condemnation, forgetting that in Christ, there is no wrath left for the believer – He has borne it all.
    Recently, I blogged about the reality of relapses in a Christian's life, and how to deal with them:

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