Is Your Well Dry?

When you experience the pressures of life, where do you turn? 

Just one more binge?

Just one more purge?

Just one less meal today?

Just one more.  So often we go back to the same wells that we know have left us empty before.  We go back hoping for different results.  We go back thinking this will be the last time.

When we turn to wells that we have already run dry, the result will continue to be the same every time we go there.  A dry well.  The binge that we have tried to fill our void for comfort and security will always leave us feeling empty.  The purge that was meant to rid us of sadness and anger will always leave us feeling empty.  Skipping that meal will never give us the control we hope for.

Every time we turn to these empty wells we will get the same result – a dry well.

There was a woman in Scripture who continually turned to a dry well of physical intimacy.  Time and time again she turned to the arms of a man to meet the void in her life.  Yet time and time again, she was left empty.  Not only was her well dry, but she was an outcast in her society – a woman and a Samaritan.  She held no place of authority, had no family, and most  likely felt extreme guilt and sadness because of her circumstances. 

Even when she wasn’t looking in the right place, Jesus came to find her.  He found her and said that if she continued looking in these same places, she would continue to find an empty well.  But he promised that if she drank of his living water, that she would never thirst again. 

What dry wells are you turning to over and over?  May you hear the voice of Jesus saying to you today, “Stop turning to wells that will always be dry and empty for you.  Thirst for me and I will never leave you thirsty.  My well overflows to meet each and every one of yours needs.  Let me find you and fill you with new life.”

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