Women’s Day

True Reflections was represented during Women’s Day at King’s Kids Camp last week.

Women’s Day is an annual tradition at the camp, hosted by a wonderful woman from our church.  On this day, women from the camp and from the surrounding area are invited to hear from speakers and enjoy a complimentary luncheon afterwards.

This year, another leader from True Reflections and myself, were asked to speak for Women’s Day.  I won’t go into the whole story, but it was evident that God was asking us to participate in this day.  3 women who like to plan ahead, were asked to plan an event at the last minute.  As things unfolded, every single detail was planned and organized flawlessly.  God presented himself in our plans and orchestrated our schedules.  There was no doubt that the message of True Reflections needed to be shared with these women.

The Content of Womens Day…

Part 1:  Labels

What is the purpose of a label?  We use labels all of the time to identify or define what something is.

I have shelves filled with storage bins in my basement.  The bins are dark colored so you cannot see inside of them.  Without a label you do not know the contents of the bins. So that I wouldn’t have to pull the bins off the shelves and open the lids, I put labels on the outside of my bins.  Now, when I see the labels, I know exactly what is inside each bin.

Labels can be very helpful to identity and define what something is.

Part 2:  Labeling Ourselves

We also place labels on ourselves.  The labels we place on ourselves define what we believe about ourselves. They form our identity – who we are!

Generally speaking, we don’t talk about the labels we put on ourselves.  We don’t wear those labels out in front for everyone to see.  That is because a lot of the labels we put ourselves aren’t very pretty.  In fact, we can label ourselves with some pretty ugly things. So, instead of wearing them out front, we keep them hidden.

We all label ourselves whether we can see them or not. And we all label ourselves whether they reflect good things about us or some not so good things about us.

I have put labels on myself ever since I can remember.  Throughout the course of my life, I have labeled myself as alone, awkward, afraid, and anorexic.

My identity and worth were wrapped in all of these labels.  The problem is that these labels didn’t reflect God’s truth for me.  They were false labels and false identities that I was choosing to believe about myself.

How do you label yourself?  I AM……

Part 3:  God’s Chisel

At times in our lives, God needs to chisel these false labels from our lives.  He desires to change us, to make us more like Him.  It can be a painful process, but as a father disciplines his son, God disciplines us for our good.  We watched a video by the Skit Guys that speaks about this process that God uses to make us more like Him, removing those things in our lives that don’t reflect His image…

Part 4:  Arts and Crafts

During our time together, each woman received a wooden framed mirror.  With different craft materials, we each decorated the mirror as a “masterpiece.”

All of the ripped pieces, placed together on the mirror symbolize how God can take all of our broken pieces and yet put them together in a beautiful masterpiece.  When we look into the mirror, may we see a true reflection of who we are in Him and who He created us to be.

Before an artist creates a masterpiece, he envisions the image, the textures and the materials needed.  He puts his creation together with a purpose and a plan.  A masterpiece is done with skill, making no mistakes.  The outcome is a beautiful work of art.

God envisioned you long before you were created.  He planned what you would look like and he masterfully put you together.  You are like no one else.  You have a purpose and a plan like no one else.  The outcome of God’s work is you… a beautiful masterpiece.

Part 5:  Theme Verse, Ephesians 2:10

Ephesians 2:10 says that we are made new.  When you make something new you first must remove the old.  When I think about this, I envision car tires.  You can’t put a new car tire on before you remove the old, flat tire.  When you put a new car tire on, the car is able to function for the purpose that it was created.  With a new car tire, a car can move forward.  With a flat tire, the car is stuck and unable to move.

In the same way, God wants to remove the old things in our lives and make them new.

The old things in our lives that hold us back from moving forward, just like a flat tire, are the false labels that we have adopted.  They hold us back from living out the purpose that God created us for.  God wants us to wear new tires – new labels from Him so that we can move forward and live out His purposes.

It might sound easy at first to remove our old labels, but just like a tire they don’t always come off easy.  I remember watching my dad change tires when I lived at home.  Sometimes I waited a long time to remove the old tire and sometimes it took a lot of work to get that tire off.  Our old labels don’t always come off very easily.  It’s a process and it takes time to remove them.

Part 6:  Removing Old Labels

We all have fears that get in the way of taking the old labels off of our lives.  I was ashamed and embarrassed about the labels I placed on myself because I knew that they weren’t reflecting God’s truth for me.  I didn’t want God to see my faults and weaknesses so  I hid from God and isolated myself from him for a while.

Whatever gets in the way of removing your false labels, know that God knows them already. He knows your every fault and weakness.  In fact, He designed you to have weaknesses so that you would trust him.

We are all broken, but God desires to put us back together through the gift of the cross.  He sent Jesus to die on the cross for our brokenness.  God will never take back the sacrifice he made in sending Jesus to the cross. He will never change his mind to offer us grace.  Before that day, God knew all of the things that we would do.  He still sent Jesus to die on the cross.

As Jesus climbed the hill to his death, he took on and felt all of our false labels and beliefs.  He still chose to continue climbing the hill to die for each of us.  He died so that we wouldn’t have to believe false identities any more.

I have learned that God wants me to come to Him just the way I am…Imperfect, broken, and with my false labels so that he can make me new. He wants you to do the same thing.

The God of the Universe accepts and loves us just the way that we are.  Listen to this song by Pocket Full of Rocks…

Part 7:  Making the Exchange

God asks that you come as you are to exchange you old, false labels for new labels.

Each woman came forward and wrote a new label about the truth that God was speaking to them that day.  We crossed off the old labels that spoke lies about us and covered them up with the truth of God.  This was our end result…

The truth is that God loves us.  In fact, God is wild and crazy about each of us.  He pursues us passionately, without fail.

His Words in Scripture outline a love letter that He writes to each of us.  If you have never read the love letter from your Father God, now is the time.  This is the most beautiful letter you will ever hear.  And as you listen, insert your name and claim it for yourself…

Allow God to relabel your false labels with labels of truth. You are the Creator’s perfect masterpiece and he desires for your identity to be found in Him alone.

Will you make that exchange?

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