His Gentle Voice

At one time I believed that God’s voice was only heard by “spiritual” people; pastors, leaders in ministry, those who prayed fervently for hours a day.  Would God really want to talk to me?  What would He tell me?  For what purposes would He talk to me?  Surely the details of my life would not be important enough for the God of the Universe.

God has been doing a work in my heart to change these beliefs.  I am learning that God does want to speak to me.  Yes, even me!  He has been and always will be speaking to me.  The God of the Universe has something to say about the details of my seemingly ordinary life.

I’ve learned that it isn’t God who needs to speak more clearly or more often.  Rather, it is I that needs to listen.  When I think that I’m not hearing from God, it’s often during times that I haven’t been listening.

I received a book called, His Gentle Voice, many years ago.  It has been sitting on my shelf, collecting dust.  With a new desire to hear from God, I pulled the book off the shelf and began reading.  I want to share with you the wonderful truths about God’s voice and how He can speak to you.

In her book, Judith outlines a few ways to recognize God’s voice.  God’s voice may sound different to everyone, but there is often a 2 prong pattern in hearing from God.

First, God often lays a thought in our mind that may be different from what we have been thinking.  He gives us enlightenment about people or a situation that we wouldn’t have considered before.

Secondly, God may stir our hearts or nudge us towards action.

We can’t fit hearing God’s voice into a formula, but Scripture does give us a few insights as to HOW God speaks…

1. God speaks with CLARITY

John 10:4 says that “His sheep follow Him because they know His voice.”

It may take time to recognize how God sounds to us.  As we learn to recognize His voice, it will be unmistakable.  If the message you are hearing sounds unclear, wait for confirmation from Him.  God’s voice is always clear.

2. God’s voice is SPECIFIC

Isaiah 30:21 says “Whether you go left or right, your ears will hear a voice saying, “This is the way, walk in it.””

God may only reveal one step at a time or He may reveal a general plan for your life.  However God reveals His plans, He will be specific.

3. God is NOT in a HURRY

Genesis 5:22 displays this idea that God doesn’t run, He walks.

If we are in a hurry to do something, then we should check with God again.  He doesn’t create impulsiveness.

I love this quote from her book – “God prompts, but the devil pushes.”  God may ask us to do something quickly, but that action is followed by a time of waiting for His timing.


God doesn’t speak in a vacuum.  God can use many methods for us to hear His voice.  If you are not sure what God is saying, wait and ask God to use other methods.  If He is leading us into action, He speaks in several ways…

  1. We may hear His voice within us
  2. Someone else delivers a similar message
  3. Bible verses confirm the same thing
  4. The radio or a sermon confirm the same thing
  5. Explain what you are hearing to someone else and they confirm that it sounds like God’s voice

5.  God DOES NOT contradict His Word

Psalm 111:7-8 says that His works are faithful and just, He is trustworthy.

Nothing that we can do supersedes the Bible’s authority.  God will only confirm what He is speaking with Scripture, he will never contradict it.  Jesus drew his authority from Scripture.  He based His words and actions on them.

6. God’s voice CORRECTS, never accuses

Romans 8:1 says that there is no condemnation in Christ.  In Revelation 12:10 we are reminded that if the voice we hear is accusatory, it belongs to the devil.

The Holy Spirit may point out our sin to us, but He doesn’t accuse us.  When God corrects us, it is cleansing and kind, leading us to peace, joy and healing.  The devil’s voice leads us to destruction and depression.

7. God DOES NOT CHANGE His mind

Malachi 3:6 says that “I the Lord, do not change.”

God doesn’t set us on one path and then lead us down another.  He will stay true to the path that he has begun.

Judith states that to hear God’s voice, we must hide away with Him DAILY.  Only here can we hear His voice amidst a busy life and stressful times.  During these times, we are sensitive to His guidance.  Not only should we read and pray, but take the time to LISTEN to His Voice.

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  1. Andrea says:

    Very refreshing, thank you 🙂

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