Ephesians 2:10 says that, "we are God's masterpiece.  He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago."  

In this video by the Skit Guys, a man wrestles with the idea of being God's masterpiece.  When he looks in the mirror he confesses that he doesn't see a masterpiece.  Yet he desires to see himself as one, so he asks for God's help.  

This video is God's response to his prayer.  In order to answer this man's prayer, God shows up with a chisel in hand.  In order to make him more like the original masterpiece that God intended for him to be, God must chisel out the dead weight in his life.  God intends to chisel out anything from his life that doesn't reflect his son, Jesus.  

As he allows God to work in his life, this man learns very quickly that the process of becoming God's original masterpiece is hard and painful.  God gently reminds the man that He disciplines those he loves, just as a Father disciplines a son.    

As you watch this skit, consider how God is chiseling you into his original masterpiece…

It is painful when God chisels away at us.  Being in True Reflections and working towards recovery from an eating disorder is a chiseling experience.  If you have been living with an eating disorder, you are carrying the dead weight of lies in your life.   When you believe the lies of an eating disorder, your life is pervaded in every aspect.  Those lies dictate how you think, feel, act, and behave.  When God begins to chisel out the lies that you believe, it gets to the core of who you have become.  What seems like a simple prayer of asking God to make you more like Jesus, suddenly becomes a hard reality.  You have to change your thoughts.  Your actions.  Your feelings.  Your way of living.  Of course the process is going to be hard and painful.

Why are you at this place in your life?  Why are you reading this?  Because the lies that have consumed you have brought you great pain.  Maybe you feel hopeless, lost and broken.  Without God, pain is just painful.  Yet, with God, painful experiences can be used for good.

When you allow the work of God's chisel, He will use your every pain for good.  He will bring about change in you.  He will make you new.  He will give you new ways of thinking.  New ways of acting.  New ways of feeling.  New ways of living.  He will make you look more like Jesus. 

You can avoid the lies you have been believing or make excuses for them, but that only leads to more pain.  Instead, make the choice to invite God into your life.  Allow Him to start working in you and through you.  


How has your journey of recovery and healing been painful?  How can you see that God is using your pain to make you more like Him?  How has the pain been for good?


The truth is…even if you have a lot of things to chisel out of your life, God loves you just the way that you are.  He says that you are His masterpiece.

When you hear the word, "masterpiece," Monet or Picasso may come to mind.  Before an artist creates a masterpiece, he envisions the image, the textures, and the materials needed.  He puts his creation together with a purpose and a plan.  A masterpiece is done with skill, making no mistakes.  The outcome is a beautiful work of art.

God is artist of people. His brush strokes have weaved you together like a beautiful painting.  God envisioned you long before you were created.  He planned what you would look like and he masterfully put you together.  You are like no one else.  You have a purpose and a plan like no one else.  The outcome of God's work is you… a beautiful masterpiece.


In class, we each created our very own "masterpiece."  These creations were crafted for every woman to hang at home as a reminder that God sees them as a perfect masterpiece.  

To make your own masterpiece at home:Find a mirror or picture frame with a wooden border.  Find an assortment of decorations, including scrapbooking paper and ribbon. 

Before you get started, keep in mind that you are designing this masterpiece in the way that God designed you.

  1. Make a plan – God had a plan for you even before he formed you in your mother's womb.  How are you going to design your masterpiece?  What materials will you use?  Where are you going to put it?
  2. Have this purpose in mind – When you see this masterpiece in your home, office, classroom or dorm room, you will be reminded that you are God's masterpiece.  

Rip pieces of paper to glue as a beautiful mosaic on your frame.  Allow those ripped pieces to symbolize the brokenness in your life.  Don't be afraid to acknowledge the brokenness and offer it to God.  He is a master at putting things back together.  Only God knows exactly how to pick up your brokenness and put you back together in a way that you never could.  When you allow Him to put your pieces back together, your life and story reflect something beautiful.  You reflect beauty by reflecting the hand of your Maker.  

What could be more beautiful than the One who created majestic sunsets and beautiful rainbows?  The delicate nature of a butterfly or tiny fingertips of a brand new baby.  The depth of the ocean or height of the mountaintop.  With even more skill and beauty, He has created you.  

Do you believe that you are not junk, but His masterpiece?


The God of the Universe loves you exactly the way you are.  Without changing or being anything different than you are today, God loves you.  There is nothing that you believe, nothing you feel, nothing you have done that could impact His love for you.  God's love is on you like a fly to a fly trap.  You will never be able to shake it, run from it or be away from it.  His love will always be in you, on you, over you and through you.

From Genesis to Revelation, God speaks of His great, undying love for You.  Yes, you!  He doesn't just love people from the Old Testament, your neighbors, your relatives or friends.  He loves YOU.

Listen to this as a love letter from God to you.  Do not listen as these words spoken for someone else, but for you.  Insert your name into every promise God reveals in this letter.  "…you are fearfully and wonderfully made, (your name)."  Do not hear as a stranger's voice talking to you, but as God's loving, gentle voice whispering over you.

The Father's Love Letter…


Write down the Scriptures that brought you comfort from the Father's Love Letter video.  After doing that, read these reminders of God's love for you from His Passion Free by Dave Park, Declaration of the Father's Heart and 20 Cans of Success.  What statements stand out to you?

After reading about God's love, consider what words God is personally speaking to you today.  What is God trying to say to you about His love for you?  How does He want to bring you comfort?  What does God want you to believe about yourself?

When you feel lonely, scared, or afraid, read this letter back to yourself.  Be comforted in knowing that God's love will never leave you.


Read the Challenge to Change for the topic of Embracing God's Love.  There you will find a practical activity that will encourage you to act on the truths we are learning.

Read the EAT Daily pages for the topic of Embracing God's Love.  There you will find Scripture verses to read every day this week based on the topic of God's love.

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