Jason Grey

Christian musical artist, Jason Grey, speaks of a changed identity in his song, "I Am New."  In an interview with WJTL, Jason stated that Jesus was always renaming people.  By giving people a new name, Jesus was giving them a new identity.  In essence, he was saying to them, "You think you are this____________, but I say that you are this____________."  

Jason believes that most people, himself included, tend to associate with verses in the bible that identify them as sinners.  We so easily identify with verses that talk about shame, guilt, and unworthiness.  The truth is that when we are saved, God begins the work of sanctification in us.  As we are being sanctified, God gives us new verses that state who we are, IN HIM.  In Christ Jesus, we are chosen, holy, and dearly loved.  We are not those things when we get our act together… we are those things right now!  

Jason Grey didn't always see his identity in Christ when he looked in the mirror.  He knew that he had a choice to believe God's truth about him or to believe the mirror.  He has chosen to believe the truth of God!  He eloquently stated, "the beginning of God making us new is accepting that the Bible states truth about who we are in Christ!"

For the full interview and song, I Am New, listen below…




I am New by Jason Grey
Radio Interview from WJTL on 11/8/2010












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