Carmen Biggs, a leader at Daybreak Church, gave a sermon addressing body image and eating disorders in 2007.  In response to her sermon, many women acknowledged their struggles in this area.  The Care Ministry at Daybreak Church saw an unmet need in our midst and quickly took action.

At the time, we discovered that there were Christian counselors and Eating Disorder Treatment Centers, but there were no local options that combined both.  With no guidance and no curriculum to follow, we developed our own Scriptural based program for eating disorder recovery.

As we began, God laid out a clear vision for this ministry.  He impressed upon our hearts that True Reflections was meant to be about identity.   In an eating disorder, lies consume your identity.  We knew that God didn’t want to leave us stuck in our lies.  He guided us towards the truth about identity in Him; His truth that we are loved, secure, and covered in grace.  Embracing an identity in Christ would set us free from the lies of an eating disorder.

We had no clue what we were getting ourselves into, but God led every step of the way.  As we responded in faith to God’s calling, 3 girls attended our first 6 week cycle of True Reflections.  During that time, we saw lies released from their lives and God’s truth embraced.  Each of them shared a changed life story and God asked us to continue in the ministry.

True Reflections is currently changing from a 6 week cycle to a 13 week cycle.  He has been faithful from our beginnings and continues to prove himself faithful as we move forward.  We are so excited to see how God will continue to grow and change our ministry.  We are even more excited to witness more changed lives as identities are being found in Christ!

Mugged by the Mirror?
Carmen Biggs, Daybreak Church

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