Group Guidelines

We desire for every participant of True Reflections to have a powerful, life changing experience with God.  To facilitate healing and a successful group experience, we ask that all participants agree to the following guidelines…

  1. Please place your cell phone on quiet during group meetings.
  2. Confidentiality – anything that is said in the group stays in the group.  NEVER share anything you have heard in class with anyone; anywhere.
  3. Group members will never be forced to talk, but you are encouraged to do so to facilitate healing.
  4. Group members agree to allow plenty of time for others to speak, be considerate, be accepting, share experiences and do not give advice. You may “pass” when it’s your turn to speak, but you will heal more if you share.
  5. Speak for YOURSELF only and do not cross talk; respect others’ opinions.DO NOT judge or correct others. Everyone is at a different place on his or her recovery journey.
  6. Group members understand that he or she is free to ask questions and to express feelings, thoughts, concerns, anger, fears and successes.
  7. Don’t compare your experience to others.  Each participant’s situation is unique (like your thumbprint).
  8. Group members acknowledge and understand that the leaders of True Reflections are not college-degreed counselors, psychiatrists or psychologists.
  9. Group size will depend on attendance and number of leaders that are available.  Please be flexible.
  10. Participate in your True Reflections work by coming to the group, using your binder materials at home, journaling and most of all, talking about eating disorder issues.
  11. Refrain from any discussion of weight, calories, diets or food plans.
  12. For your safety and others, we encourage you not to walk to your vehicles alone after group.
  13. Make a commitment to the process. Please ATTEND every session in the thirteen-week series.
  14. Group members understand that this is a biblical and Christ-centered eating disorder recovery program and that the healing process will be looked at through the lens of the Bible.

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