True Reflections, a ministry of Daybreak Church, is a recovery group to help those who struggle with an eating disorder or poor body image.  If you are struggling, your identity may be found in the mirror or a number on the scale.  Our vision is that your identity would be found in Christ alone.

Are you struggling with control, fear, worry, isolation, or shame?  At our weekly sessions, you will explore these lies and how you can replace them with God’s truth.  You will discover the attributes of God that make him able to heal your hurts, bring you comfort and shower you with His grace.  Best yet, you will discover who you are, created in His image.  As you allow God’s truth to renew your heart and mind, you will find freedom from the darkness and hope for the journey ahead.

Anyone is welcome to attendWhether you are just beginning your journey of healing or you are living in recovery from an eating disorder, there is a place for you at True Reflections.

Supportive Environment – True Reflections is a safe, open place to share your struggles with an eating disorder or poor body image.  By confiding in those who have similar experiences, you will find comfort and encouragement.

Group Involvement – True Reflections meets weekly in 13-week cycles.  During the weekly sessions, you will participate in journaling, song reflection, prayer, video interaction, group discussion and activities.  Through these activities you will release the lies in your mind, embrace God’s truth for you, and find freedom!

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