Class Structure


During the odd numbered weeks of the 13 week cycle, we will address the lies posed by the eating disorder including control, worry, fear, isolation, shame, and false identity.

During the even numbered weeks of the cycle, we will address God's truth about contentment, trust, security, love, grace and identity in Him.

As we cycle between lies and truth, you will discover God's plan for releasing you from the lies in your mind and embracing His truth for your life.

At Home

If you are unable to join us at Daybreak for classes, please join us at home.  The information that we cover during our class will be made available for you on this website.

There are 3 main components to each topic that we cover in True Reflections.  These three components include the content of the topic, a practical activity that will encourage you to change, and coinciding Scripture for each topic.  We refer to these components as Class Content, Challenge to Change, and EAT Daily.

If you are following along at home, first read the content of the class, then act on the Challenge to Change, and be encouraged by the daily Scripture reading under EAT Daily.  All of these components can be chosen from the topics listed under the Class Curriculum tab.


Class Content

The activities, information, and materials that we cover in class can be found here.  The content may include journal questions, songs, video, devotionals, downloadable pages, or artistic activities to do on your own.

Challenge to Change

God doesn't want to leave us stuck the way we are.  He is in the business of sanctification; changing us to be more like Him.

In order to be made more like Him, we must take action on His word.  James 1:22 states that we should not merely listen to God's word, but do what it says.

At True Reflections, we are taking this challenge seriously.  Along with each weekly teaching, there is a challenge for each participant to accomplish outside of class.  Our intention is not that each participant will be successful with each challenge, but that our focus is on exchanging old habits for new ones.

Each week the challenges will differ, depending on the topic covered.  All of the challenges presented will focus on practical ways to release the lies in your mind and put God's truth into action as you embrace your identity in Him.

EAT Daily

E-A-T is our way of saying, "Embrace A Truth"

In the Lord's Prayer, we are directed to pray for "our daily bread."  Bread that is able to sustain and strengthen our spirit comes from the Word of God.  God knows and provides our basic need for food, but He desires that we would crave more than food for our bodies.  His desire is that we would crave His word, to be a lamp unto our feet.

In True Reflections we talk about exchanging the lies in our mind for the truth of God.  God's Word is food that can bring our spiritual bodies to life and nourishment to our souls.  Daily, we must rest in His truth to bring us life.

If you are seeking a life changing experience with God in recovery from an eating disorder, we challenge you to EAT Daily from His Word.  Under the EAT Daily section, you will find 7 Scriptures: 1 for every day of your week. As you read the truth daily, take time to respond to God through prayer and journaling.

If you need added assistance for learning how to meditate on God's Word, check out Savoring God's Word by Jan Johnson.

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