Challenge to Change

By removing physical triggers in your life, you can release worry from your mind and begin the process of trusting in God's truth.  The scale is often a physical trigger that speaks lies and causes us to worry.

Put a post-it note on your scale that says, "I am His."  This note will serve as a reminder of the freedom that you can experience when you remove the lies of the scale from your mind.  Reset your mind to embrace the truth that you are perfectly created, no matter what size you are.

Reflecting on the Challenge

Was this challenge easy or hard?  Why?  What feelings did you experience?

What is Challenge to Change?  Read about it here!

"Prove yourselves doers of the word, not merely hearers."  James 1:22

Read the Class Content for the topic of Releasing Worry.  There you will find activities and information about this topic as we cover it in our classes.

Read the EAT Daily pages for the topic of Releasing Worry. There you will find Scripture verses to read every day this week based on the topic of worry.

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