Challenge to Change

Do you live in fear of the number on your jeans?

Use a sharpie to write on the label of your jeans, "I am HIS."  Let this note be a permanent reminder that you are not defined by your size, but by being His child.  Every time you see this label, ask God to release the lie that your size has anything to do with your purpose, happiness or security.

Reflecting on the Challenge

Was this challenge easy or hard?  Why?  What feelings did you experience?

What is Challenge to Change?  Read about it here!

"Prove yourselves doers of the word, not merely hearers."  James 1:22

Read the Class Content for the topic of Releasing Fear.  There you will find activities and information about this topic as we cover it in our classes.

Read the EAT Daily pages for the topic of Releasing Fear.  There you will find Scripture verses to read every day this week based on the topic of fear.

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